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located in Sugarville, Texas, a part of Lemonade, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sugarville, Texas

A small town near the Texas coast, Sugarville boasts of a highway about 7,000 people and a school. There is trailer park and a wal mart plus four convenience stores, five bars and several restaurants.


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The night was a Blair to me, and I felt like shit waking up from it. It had taken years for me to have a truly great life and then it all fell in a few seconds. How the greats fall I stared at the bottle of scotch Tommy had left on the table last night. You know I always would criticize my father for turning to Alcohol after your aunt died. But now I see the temptation it has to it. Something I want more then anything, To forget everything and be happy again. I grabbed the bottle looked at it again for awhile. I kept thinking if that was the life I wanted, alienating my family for a bottle of scotch. But then again isn't that my life anyway? your mother will properly never talk to me again... and Charlie well I could never ask her to forgive me for what I did. SO I took the swig and let my problems fad away for good this time.