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Modern world, 3876 a.d



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Minna___________________ _ _ _ _ _

Minna sighed when the waitress came over with her tea in hand. Minna eyed the girl and rested her chin on the back of her hand admiring the girl's beautiful face and luscious brown hair. Minna wore a smirk on her face when the waitress put the cup down on her table and smiled at her.
"Is there anything else I can get for you?" The waitress asked politely.
"Oh, no, love, this should be just fine." She smiled and turned her attention toward her tea as the girl nodded and walked away. As she took a sip from her tea she watched the girl leave and was bored with having to wait she decided to have a bit of fun with her.
Drinking half of her tea quickly she stirred in some cold water and then called the waitress back.
"Excuse me, deary...," The girl came back with a smile. "It seems as though you brought me cold tea." She added a fake pout with her explanation.
"I could have sworn--,"
Minna cut her off, "No, honey, it was cold. Please take it back immediately and get it correct next time?"
She could see the girl bite her tongue and wear a fake smile. Rolling her eyes she picked up the cup and turned to walk away until Minna called out to her.
"My dear if you keep smiling like that you might lose the attractiveness you barely have." The girl quickly turned mouth agape and then turned stomping off. Minna chuckled and a strand of hair around her finger.