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located in Omic, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Omicron, and the worst sleaze pit in the galaxy. Picture the Chicago of Al Capone. Very polluted. Nasty place to be, all said and done.


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Sacura followed Laryn as well, knowing that what was going next might not be easy. Omic was a nasty place without Humans First's influence, but now it must be a true hell-hole. It was also the one planet that she had never wanted to go to, and also one that it seemed Silver himself had disliked, which was saying something. Silver had been able to fit in anywhere, from the surf of Venus' beaches to the ruined city of Bostonia. This planet was a scum's paradise. It would be better for everyone if it just ceased to exist.

Once they were on the planet, she looked at her communicator. There was a map on it courtesy of Hyuga. The compound was only a few blocks away, so before leaving the teleporter, she checked to make sure that her tail and ears had retracted. They had. Next she checked her pack and took out her two photon pistols, which she placed in concealed holster at her hips. Her two other weapons where also hooked onto a belt, but they weren't hidden as much; instead, she wore them as if they were just decorations. She check herself a second time, just to be safe, then stepped out with the others. To Laryn, she said, "So, any plans or will we wait until we get there?"