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located in Omic, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Omicron, and the worst sleaze pit in the galaxy. Picture the Chicago of Al Capone. Very polluted. Nasty place to be, all said and done.


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Laryn sighed. What the hell did they really expect him to say? "Yeah, the plan is don't die. I know nothing about this compound so I really can't say what the best plan would be. But one thing is true. While we're on this shithole of a planet we don't want to make a scene. We could make enemies here fast, and all of them with more resources than us. So just play it cool and let's do some scouting."

Laryn adjusted his jacket and then reached into the newly adjusted jacket and produced the smooth piece of metal, that was the hilt of his axe. He held it in his hand for a few seconds as if pondering what to do with it, and then he slipped it up his right sleeve, securing it with a bit of bandages right near the bottom of his arm.

"Keep your weapons on hand, visible is preferred. We won't get picked that way."

After that, Laryn fell silent for the remainder of the trip to the HF base.


Teisha walked forward beside Kofleur. It was wierd, going here. It just struck her as odd that HF had decided to set up a base in the exact locale of a former Nam base. Well, it must be a coincidence. After all, a volcano provides a very good source of power and is very defensible if used correctly. But you also ran the risk of the volcano blowing up if somebody sabatoged the system for making it not blow up. If she remembered correctly, that was how they destroyed the facility last time.

She looked up as Kofleur yelled back at her. "You might want to move. Just some friendly advice that the teleporter won't move however much you stare at it." And with that, Kofleur teleported, following S-9 to Mars. Teisha looked back at the room one more time, and followed through the teleporter.