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located in Omic, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Omicron, and the worst sleaze pit in the galaxy. Picture the Chicago of Al Capone. Very polluted. Nasty place to be, all said and done.


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Gabriel sighed mildly and recalled her whips, which coiled around her arms again. She placed a hand behind her head. "Well..." she began, "how do I put this...? Well, you see, I have a strict rule not to fight anyone who is not at full strength, so this kind of puts me in a difficult position." She crossed her arms in front of her, continuing to think. "If I attack you, then I won't have any satisfaction in winning, but if I don't attack you, then I'll probably be angry next morning for not having fought anyone."


Ayase Matsunara was, and still is, a calm and collected individual. Known as the 'Cryosleeper' by many of her peers for her rational level-headedness (and in her old days, for being able to sleep through an earthquake once), she rarely showed any sudden emotion. Yet, with a question such as one asked by AUGER- the AUGER, may I remind you- she had fought hard to keep up her underface barricade. "AUGER, I would just like to say firstly that it is very bold of you to come here on such short notice and ask a question as significant as that. However, by law- Landium's law- and work regulations in general, I am forbidden from revealing any personal details about any of my workers, associates or clients to anyone unless they work strictly within the line of law enforcement."

She propped up her face with her hands looped together, suspended on her elbows laying on her desk. "In short- and please forgive me for being so brash, but I cannot put this in any other way- you could be the Galactic Aeon and I wouldn't tell you, and that's not just because of work laws; that's my own morals. If..." Ayase was about to say 'Nick', but she quickly picked up after herself, "the person you are looking for does not want to be bothered, I am obligated to abide by his wishes."

She then crossed her arms over her chest. "I will, however, answer any questions regarding the CHEsuit you may have."