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Snippet #1149539

located in [1st Trial] The Reflection of Desire, a part of A World's End, one of the many universes on RPG.

[1st Trial] The Reflection of Desire

You begin your journey on a mysterious island in the middle the ocean after a strange dream.


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Civor nodded in agreement at the Warren’s suggestion and pointed in to direction he had come from.

“This way,” Civor whispered, breaking into a light jog.

There was sense of urgency in his voice as the darkness oozed over the landscape, quickly approaching their location. It took a moment for Flo to comprehend the danger she was in until she was reminded by her quivering arms that the cold breeze would only get colder once the sun had fully set. If she was freezing now, it was horrifying to think what would happen once the night came and the sun could no longer provide any semblance of heat. It was then surprising that the man who called himself Warren had asked Civor about her wellbeing instead of his own.

His kindness was undeserved, unwanted, and growingly suspicious the more he displayed it. She’d do well to get far away from him as soon as this ordeal was over. Casting aside her insecurities, Flo chased after Civor into the jungle with Warren following close behind. The vegetation thickened as Civor lead them through a tangled mess of overlying vines, fallen logs, and hanging branches. He moved with a nimbleness unbefitting of a man of his stature. As if he were a young teenager instead of the middle aged man that he appeared to be.

It was almost embarrassing, for Flo who was an actual teen, to have trouble keeping up as leaves and branches periodically smacked her in the face. The ominous darkness advancing behind Warren, however, was more than enough incentive to keep her moving forward, despite her clumsy attempt to run without hitting something. Her breathes grew more frantic as she realized the darkness was far faster than she could hope to outrun. She held in her breathe it closed in and then everything went black.

Three lights glowed in the dark, one on her hand, the other through a tear in Warren’s robe, and the last on Civor’s back underneath his overcoat. It was as if world had been reduced to just three little lights traveling through a vast emptiness. The light on Civor’s back turned suddenly to the right and then stopped before the trunk of a fallen tree. Flo ducked, successfully for once, at an incoming branch and stopped right behind him.

Civor pushed against the trunk, lifting it up so that its roots hanged into the air. There was a hole beneath the trunk and he urged both of them to go in. Flo leaped in first, holding her breathe as rocks and dirt flew up into her hair as she fell. There was a loud thud as she hit the floor of a spacious underground room and she moved out of the way as Warren landed after her. She could hear Civor push the trunk back into place from above and there was a brief pause before he too joined them at the bottom.

“Well that wasn’t so bad was it?” chuckled Civor, moving past the two to the other end of the room.

“Big brother is that you?” spoke a young voice.

“Yes, it’s me. I brought friends with me though so be on your best behavior,” replied Civor, lighting a small candle and revealing a young boy laying on a bed made out of palm tree leaves. Flo noticed that the boy’s legs were thinner than the rest of his body. He was crippled. The number 1000 glowed dimly on the boy’s forehead. Civor set a cup made out of a coconut on the boy’s side and beckoned the two to come over.

Flo shivered as she made her way to the two, taking a seat as close as she could by the candle which he had set on the ground. It had been purposely placed where they could all gather around in a circle and Flo could only help but feel a bit annoyed that she was being manipulated, even if he had just probably saved her life. It was still cold underground, but nowhere near the bone chilling levels as it was when she was outside.

“This is my little brother, Simon,” said Civor, ruffling the child’s hair.

The playful move elicited a scowl from the little boy as he swatted the man’s hand from his head. Simon politely nodded as he glanced over to Warren and then to Flo.

“Nice to meet you,” he chirped.

“So what do you want to know about this place?” spoke Civor, taking out a pair of coconuts from a stash he kept hidden behind the wall.