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Blake laughs, "I don't know how it is in your kingdom, but you will get no rest in the dining room." He ponders for a moment then asks, "How about the gardens? No one will bother you there. It is purely a royal ground, no one staring, talking or bothering you."

Blake pops his head into the kitchen and calls out to the chef, "We have a guest, will you please cook up some..." He pauses and turns to Kireshan, "I dont imagine your hungry after...." He drifts off, remembering the dead body of two gaurds. He had known the two men personally and mourned their death.

His darker side calls for Kiershan's death, but Blake erases that thought. It was better to just be nice and get him out of the kingdom as soon as possible. And keep a watch on him, making sure he didnt do anything else that would endanger his citizens. Plus he didn't want to agravate the other side, renewing the war once again. It was better to avoid any more deaths, because he was sick of watching childhood friends go off to war and come back dead or wounded.