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Kirehsan shakes his head, then follows the elder prince to the gardens. "Yes...I'm quite satisfied in fact." he grins deviously, "And the gardens sounds good. I don't think your subjects would like to see me in a public area anytime soon anyway." he answered. Blake seemed to have noticed the death of hte two guards that Kirehsan killed earlier. No doubt he was furious about that as well. The difference between him and Mirabella was that he would probably be more confrontational about it than she was.

They were bothering him anyway, he had to dispose of them one way or another. Two lesser demon guards won't be missed. They were just fodder in Kirehsan's eyes, though Blake thought differently. Such is the way of the world, conflict at every corner. He knew this all too well. His life was surrounded by it the day he was born...since the day his mother was murdered by the hands of his father. It made him furious just thinking about it.

Once they reached the gardens Kirehsan kept his distance, standing in the center of the field and looking up at the moon that shone brightly in the sky. The darkness reminded him of home, which wasn't a good thing. Home reminded him of his father, which was chained to his hatred. He clenched his fist tightly as memories of the past flooded inside him. Most of the people outside of the Vamprician Kingdom did not know of Kirehsan's hatred for his father, that was probably a good thing. If they did then they would probably start wondering why he fought for such a man. Such thoughts Kirehsan did not need the world to know. He just wanted them to think of him as a monster, one that will one day overtake the Kingdom of Vampricia. By driving my blade into my father's heart... He let loose the last thought inside him, as he glared up at the moon.