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located in The 4 Kingdoms, a part of The Last Thing I Never Wanted, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Blake turns back to the cook and says, "Never mind. Please tell everyone to leave us alone." He turns away, his fists clenching as he notices Kireshan's tone and words about the gaurds, "Just a warning. Next time you kill a guard, let alone anyone, you will not be forgiven as easily. Consider this your one and only warning." Blake says, looking into Kierashan's eyes, his tone one of pure seriousness. He would not accept a single death at the hands of the vampire while he was visiting. He looks into his eyes for about a minute, his statement becoming a threat by the moment of silence between the two.

Blake turns away and sits down, watching Kireshan carefully. He notices a sudden unease around the vampirican prince. What made him react to this garden so? Maybe it reminds him of something.... Blake pondered about Kireshan's sudden change of mood.

((was the second post different from the first? They look the same, but their "time stamps are different"