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Mirabella sighed as Xavier said good night after escorting her to her rooms. She looked out to the moon - the light was streaming in through her bedroom window and lighting upon her outfit for tomorrow - or rather, later today. Knowing she wouldn't get much sleep, she sighed and fingered the material - maybe she'd just dress now and get it over with. But no, she didn't really feel like primping right now. She sighed as a soft breeze carried the scent of the gardens below into her room through the open window and thought of what had just transpired in the garden hours earlier - poor Blake having to fight with Xavier in such a way. It wasn't so bad when Blake was bigger than Xavier, but now Xavier was almost the same size as Blake. What would happen when Xavier filled out, just as Blake had, and they were of equal size and strength?
But then, she'd be off married to some Vamprician prince by then, so she wouldn't know. The thought that she alone would have to live as a demon among vampires - the sole outsider - scared her. And the thought of her leaving her home and her family terrified her. But then, she suspected Kireshan both knew and enjoyed the fact that she was terrified. After all, why else would he have asked his probing questions earlier.
She tucked her flute away in it's velvet lined case and sat at the piano, letting her fingers tentatively stroke the keys. The piano made her feel so alive - what if Vampricia didn't have a piano? Many of her other instruments were small enough and light enough she could take them with her. But they served as only temporary reliefs from the hunger of music. Without a piano, her sould could starve. She would... die. She shuddered, new terror filling her, and it rushed out through her fingertips into the piano. The sound filled the room, drifted out the open window to the gardens. It was a song that belied her terror, her despair, her anger at herself and pratically the entire world. But slowly, after a few moments, the song changed - first the anger, then the despair, and finally the terror leaking out of the song to be replaced by a tune that was neither happy nor sad. It was uncertain - sometimes dipping into C major, other times dabbling into A minor. It was smooth and unhurried, except for a few moments of panic that quickened the steps of her fingers.
She played for several minutes, maybe half an hour total, letting her emotions flow out of her. Letting herself bend to the will of her music. Letting herself go. And then finally... her fingers fell silent. With a deep breath, her eyes closed, Mirabella slid the fall shut and fell into bed - spent, exhausted, and content. The last notes she'd played, had been notes of hope. Notes of hope for today and a bright, musical tomorrow.