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located in Omic, a part of Silverose, one of the many universes on RPG.


Capital of the Omicron, and the worst sleaze pit in the galaxy. Picture the Chicago of Al Capone. Very polluted. Nasty place to be, all said and done.


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Sacura heard the sounds in the hall, and rushed towards the source. That had to be Laryn fighting! After all, there was next to no one left inside the base. If it wasn't him, who else could it be?

As she reached the source, she saw that she was right. Laryn was fighting the person who they had met outside the base. It didn't look like either had an advantage over the other, but it was about time to tip the scales. Right before she jumped into the fight, her communicator buzzed to life. A somehow familiar voice buzzed on the other end. "Guys," it said, "you need to get out of here now. There is a giant bomb planted in the generator room, and when it blows, the whole base will go with it."

That was definitely bad. She turned to tell Laryn they had to go, but suddenly, she noticed something that made her stop dead. Across the hall, on the other side of the fight, a man approached. It was the same bastard she had met on Venus; Gabriel "Zero" Angel.