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located in Los Angeles Wastelands, a part of Fallout, one of the many universes on RPG.

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"Well, that would make sense, then." Roger stood up, before getting back to business. "Down the south road, is a raider named Rasa... Rasta... something like that, you'll know him when you see him. He'll be the guy with a couple of buddies trying to rob you. He'll be a couple of hills over, most likely, and I can almost guarantee he'll get the drop on you. If by some miracle you can sneak up on him, don't hesitate to shoot him in the back. Bring me back his backpack as proof, and you'll get your caps. I'll be up on the hill north of town." He stuck out his hand, grinning. "Deal?"

(OOC: I guess I'll RP the targets from here on.)

Between two steep hills, smoke climbed from a fire. Ras Abdul was a mountain of a man, taller than his two cohorts, even sitting down. He had vaguely Arabic features, unlike his white companions. The three of them had shaved heads, but only Abdul bore a full-length black beard. Each man was sitting around the campfire, their battered and rusted Kalashnikov rifles slung across their backs. The three men were all wearing more or less the same thing: different olive drab jackets, camouflage pants, and either black or brown combat boots. They looked almost like real soldiers, sitting around their crates of food and ammunition.

Abdul stood up slowly, unslinging his weapon. His two comrades followed suit, and they climbed the hill, stopping at the top, crouching. Rivets, the smallest of the three and carrying a backpack, spoke up.

"That fucker is long gone. He ain't coming back."

Abdul spoke, looking over at the road leading into town. "He'll be back, I know he will. Be patient."