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located in Los Angeles Wastelands, a part of Fallout, one of the many universes on RPG.

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The heay coin span in a tight circle on the table.Ethan stared as the sides flashed infront of him quickly. "Sister..." he muttered to himself. "Damn, thats some heavy shit." He let loose a long sigh as he remmebered the people he met along his journey's one time there was this girl, a real fighter this one. She would sooner kick a man in the nads than trust him, This Ethan learned the hard way. (He now almost always wears a sports cup). Anyway Ethan Had really liked her. She was like a little sister to him. One day while Ethan was out scavenging a band of raider's had hit the town where she was staying.
Ethan spent a week tracking them down. When he discovered their camp. Ethan's eyes grew dark as he remembered. to make a long story short, When Ethan got there it was a slave camp, When Ethan left, it was what was left of a slave camp. Ethan had left the girl with her friends and neighbors,and taught them how to defend themselves. Sometimes he still sees her in his dreams.

He knew what was going through Michael's head, to an extent.

The coin's spin slowed and it clinked onto the bartop. The unit number was up, Ethan called it heads.

"This is uncommon, because it's my father's. He served with the army, he got this as a commendation for exceptional and uncommon valor, when he saved a squad that was pinned down. It's the only thing I have left of my old self., And what makes me strange? That I want to help people? That I'm not only looking out for myself? I'm sick and tired of the society we have turned into as a people, I want to change this world, And I'm going to try my best to be a person that can be depended on." He asked the bartender for a soda and began drinking. he sat the bottle down half empty, his eyes cold and serious.