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located in Republic City., a part of The City of the Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.

Republic City.



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Saomaru bit her lower lip as the conversation continued to oscillate in the air about her. It seemed that the Earthbending girl- had she said her name was Avani?- and to a lesser extent Eket seemed ready to go right ahead and help, and to be quite frank with herself, she wasn't really sure how she felt about that. The girl was used to letting her brother make the decisions, really, and it wasn't often she went so far as to contradict him, even in the smallest of things. She wasn't sure she trusted herself enough to be comfortable with anyone taking her advice about anything that wasn't directly medical.

Speaking of which... the young man in the corner was struggling even to stand, though he also seemed inclined to go. β€œI don’t suppose you have another pad do you?” he inquired, and her hands automatically went to her belt-pouches. Still, she knew already that there would be none. The amount of medical supplies she carried on her was enough for the treatment of one, maybe two minor injuries. It had just never seemed necessary to have any more than that, since she was rarely anywhere besides where she and her siblings chose to sleep or the clinic itself.

Shrugging to herself, Saomaru took hold of the hem of her long, tunic-like shirt and tugged, tearing off a portion and holding it out to the person whose name she still did not know. Remembering where she was, she spoke hurriedly. "It's clean... you need not worry." One thing Aliyah insisted on doing was Saomaru's laundry, claiming that no apprentice of hers was going to smell like a street rat.

Street rats... nobody cared about the people down here, she'd learned that long ago. The kidnapping of her sisters, which would have stirred a public uproar had they been upper city children, had gained only the sort of sympathetic hopeless looks from people who had suffered as well, people who could no more do anything about it than she could. Defeat, hopelessness, these things ran deep in the Undercity, but the poor wretched soul on the ground had claimed to be carrying some of it, had asked them to safeguard it.

"Well I'm going," she said simply, giving her brother a look that he rarely saw anymore, the one that meant Saomaru had made up her mind. For so she had, and come Hell itself or high water, she was going to see it through.