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located in Hell, a part of City of Angels, one of the many universes on RPG.


Satan's home of darkness and flames with an evil aura. This is where the bad souls go to work for the rest of eternity.


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Standing up from his throne, Lucifer snarled as he grabbed his pitchfork, his horns growing longer by the second. Pounding the end of the pitchfork on the ground, Lucifer walked forward as a door popped up from seemingly nowhere. He threw it open and jumped into the black abyss it revealed. Imagining the precise place he wanted to go, Satan arrived just down the street from where Bailey and Jack were located. The door exploded into dust once he exited it, and a sense of forboding and fear began to cover the road. A cat that looked like it was just about to cross the street ran into the bushes; a young couple out for an evening walk turned right back around; a street light shattered.

It all would've made Lucifer laugh, but tonight, he was much too furious to recognize anything else. Raising his pitchfork in his rage, Lucifer shouted, "JACK KLEIN! YOU AND YOUR GOD RUIN EVERYTHING!" He began to run, forming an electric flow amongst the prongs of the pitchfork.

Tonight, Jack Klein was a dead man.