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Allison had just made it to her bed a few hours earlier. It was almost morning but it was still dark, and she had one of those rare peaceful moments when she was so exhausted she actually fell asleep as soon as she laid herself down on the bed. She was way too tired to let the sounds bother her, or to even dream. And those dreamless nights were the few moments of relief that allowed her to keep her sanity intact.

Still... If she was expecting peace, that wasn't going to be a very good day. Only a couple of hours after getting home, she was being pulled away from her well deserved rest, by something that hit her right on the head. She mumbled some very unpleasant words, still half-asleep, and felt her heart nearly jump right out of her chest when she identified Crys as being her attacker, when hearing her voice. "I don't know what you said there, but I'm sure it wasn't nice."

Allison opened her eyes immediately and sat up. She identified the object that hit her as being one of her leather boots, that Crys probably picked up from the floor and threw at her. She put it on and reached for the other one, nodding. "One day I'll get back at you for this."

Crys nodded in disbelief. "No... You won't. Don't make promises you can't keep, it makes you look bad."

Allison looked through the cracks on the walls of the wooden cabin and let out a sigh. "It's not even morning yet, Crys! I got home a few hours ago!"

Crys stared at her seriously. "I know, I gave you the assignment. And watch your tone with me. You're graduated, but I'm still you superior." She then smiled and added. "I understand that you are tired, but my mother is calling all actives and instructors to see her. She has some announcement to make. So you better move, we're the only ones who aren't there already."

Allison didn't say another word. She put on her other boot and got on her feet. She followed Crys out of the cabin and walked to a larger cabin that stood further away from the center of the camp. Crys knocked and opened the door. Allison followed her in, and as soon as she closed the door Dani Rivers began to speak.

"Good. Now you are all here. We have received some disturbing information in the past night regarding the disappearances and strange deaths that have occurred in the past few weeks." She made a pause, and lifted a notification, that had been clearly torn off a wall. "This has been spread all over the city of Newhaven, and we have been informed that the same will be done in Blackpond shortly."

Allison's eyes widened as she read what was written in the poster Dani was showing them, and all of a sudden people started to talk amongst themselves in whispers. Crys, poked her between the ribs. "What does it say?"

Allison didn't look at her, she kept her eyes on Dani while she patiently waited for everyone to stop talking. "They are blaming us for the deaths. The ruler of Newhaven is offering 500 gold coins for any information on the location of the camp." She could feel Crys shiver beside her when hearing her words. Allison knew that Crys was thinking about how many people had that information. One would be enough to have them all killed.
If Allison had thought she would have peace... That thought now seemed like a very distant dream to her.