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"Uh, well... okay then," Jack replied, still not entirely convinced. He was going to walk her home anyway, just in case. It seemed like the right thing to do.

He had started them down the road when a sudden feeling twisted his gut, and he stopped suddenly. "Do you... feel that?" he asked, a slight look of confusion taking up residence on his countenance. Something was very, very wrong, and he wasn't exactly sure how he knew that. ... the Hell?

Someone shouted something, loud enough that it rang in his ears, so loud as to be incomprehensible, and he clamped his hands over them, turning around to see where it had come from. A figure was rapidly emerging from the darkness, though he could not make out what it was, it smacked of danger. "Hey, Bailey? Can you run? If you can, start running now, and don't look back." He knew he was faster than she was, so he wanted her to hav a hed start. Maybe he'd be able to slow down whatever was coming at them.

Somehow, he didn't think so, but he had to try anyway.