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Lucifer raised his pitchfork, leveling it exactly with Jack Klein's chest as he ran faster. Willing the electric current forming from his weapon forward, he released a harsh cackle, knowing that the boy was defenseless against the attack. "One down, three to go!" Lucifer yelled happily, images of a writhing and screaming Jack in his head. It brought him such pleasure to witness another soul in agony, especially if-

"Lucifer, you've done enough for tonight."

Satan's thoughts shattered when he heard that powerful, deep voice right in front of him. He had heard it so many times before, and each time he did it brought up so many memories.

"You are no longer accepted in my Heaven, Lucifer. Leave at once."

"But your way is WRONG! Sinners must be PUNISHED!"

"I will decide what I believe is true, Lucifer. Now go."

"You can't do this to me! I'll never- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Lucifer's shoulders still hurt from where his wings were ripped off, several eons ago. God's appearance in front of him only made it worse.


"Some things never change, do they, Lucifer?" God asked the fallen angel quietly as a true angel ran flew rapidly towards Jack Klein and Bailey Rivers.