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located in Valcrest, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Destruction, agony and aggression. These were just a few of many feelings this lone wanderer would feel, see and understand after the last piece of life would leave his body in the moment of truth. But this was not his moment, no. This was the moment of these three filthy monsters in front of him. Would they survive his ambush? Would they survive his arrows of death? Would they survive the "Shadow Hunter"? If they would, then it was truly their moment of truth and they would have be known as the slayer of the one last thing that has kept the assassins on their toes for so many years. He didn't do it for the people of Valcrest for he knew that most people deserved death for their actions. He did it out of vengeance. They had taken everything away from him and now he would do the same to them. He would not stop until the leader of their wretched clan was begging in front of his feet for mercy. Only then would he stop all this killing, only then would the world have peace.

His prey was now in position. The moment of Truth was upon them. He took the shot.


Last night had just been like any other night. Three more assassins was dead and the man who had killed them was now heading for Newhaven, a city of fancy fools in his own opinion. The only thing that separated the people of Newhaven and Blackpond in his opinion was that the people of Blackpond was poor fools while the people of Newhaven was fancy fools. Nevertheless, He had no time to help this war come to a closure just yet. First he had to take out "The WolfPack"; the clan of assassins in Valcrest.

The man made his way into a cave nearby with firm foot steps after been walking through the forest the entire night without any kind of sleep. He immediately picked up that horrible smell that inhabited this cave. You see, the cave lead down into the Newhaven sewers where the man could easily get into the city without having his weapons and equipments taken into custody by the city guards.
Soon enough he reached a small hole by the end of the cave and after climbing through that he found himself standing in dirt up to his knees. Just a regular day for the man. He had done this too many times before and so he knew the quickest path to his destination by now. The smell had been a hugh problem at first but now he was getting used to it and he knew that once he reached Newhaven he would miss it, but only a little bit.

Then finally he reached the wall where he had painted a small red "X". He swiftly tried to get his trousers clean again before moving into a unusual stance, facing the wall with the red "X". His right right arm was hanging above his head while his left arm was below his waist. He focused and then he pulled the right arm down and the left arm up. The wall moved swiftly down into the ground, revealing a narrow alleyway that lead into a much larger street. He was now in Newhaven.


"Theron! So good to see you!" The young shopkeeper almost yelled in joy as the man entered the shop filled with scrolls and birds. "I see you're still alive. What can I do for a humble man as yourself?"

Theron looked up at the shopkeeper and gave him a small smile. "Ezio, my old friend. I have a package for one of your birds to deliver."

Ezio's smile grew slim as he heard his old friends request. He moved out from his shop, looked around quickly before he closed the door and locked it. Then he moved up to one of the many cages and pulled out a black hawk. Then turning to face Theron he asked his usual question.

"To the same location?"

Theron only nodded to this and handed Ezio the small package which contained the fingers of the three assassins he had killed before. The leader of the WolfPack would recognize them because of the rings they wore. This was the one thing he had always done; Killed one or more assassins, found the finger with the ring and cut it off. After that he would travel back to Newhaven and send them to the assassins camp which he knew where it lied. He couldn't attack the camp just yet because he had to weaken them first and then create a distraction so he could easily take them by surprise. There was still much to do but while he waited he could keep on sending the leader her assassins back in peices.

Theron was about to leave the shop when he was stopped by Ezio's next words.

"You saw the large bounty the king has placed on any information about the location of the WolfPack's camp. I don't know if I can afford to pass up on this opportunity Theron."

The man stood still. Was it going to be betrayal after everything he's done for Ezio? Was that how he repaid him? With disloyalty? Theron faced Ezio and gave him a disappointing look. Ezio didn't look at Theron because he was ashamed that he had even brought it up, but he had to say something.

"You know how important this is. You cannot do this. I'm so close!" Theron said with a firm tone. Ezio didn't say a word and returned to his duties in the shop. Theron let out a heavy sigh. Even though Ezio was his friend and almost even a brother to him he couldn't afford loose ends at this point in the plan.
With that he quickly pulled out his crossbow and placed an arrow in Ezio's throat. The man gave away a faint sound that would have been a scream if the arrow had not penetrated his throat before falling to the ground, dead. After that Theron picked up the hawk from the counter, attached the small package to it's left leg and then after walking out he whispered something in it's ear before he threw it up in the air.

With a face expression of heavy sorrow he watched the hawk grow smaller in the sky before it disappeared amongst the clouds. This was another death he blamed on the WolfPack for their actions. He would make them pay. Walking back to the alleyway where his secret entrance lied he thought about what he had written in the letter that came with the package.

"You cannot protect them forever. Soon enough they will know of me and then there will be hell on earth for you.

- Shadow Hunter."