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located in Medieval fantasy, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval fantasy

*Sigh* This was supposed to be named VALCREST, but for some copy-paste mix up it got named something completely different. Oh, well... The joys of using the RP tab for the first time. lol Change your future posts to the correct location please.


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Hands in his pockets, Atzlan left the room alog with the others. He did not like the way things turned out: more deaths were happening, more people disappearing, and there seemed not to be any option that would be good enough. Allying with the cities, revealing what they had as information on the murders, was what he had thought about, but it was too dangerous as well. For the time being he would have to do what Dani ordered.
He sat down near the campfire, overthinking the events that had taken place in the meeting. Some others were also here, probably for the same reason. He would not sleep anymore, morning was too close, and he did not feel tird anyway, not after that meeting. *I wonder what will be done... Evin is right, hiding will not lead anywhere, but we can't act as freely as we would like to anymore, not after that bounty has been set up.*