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located in Los Angeles Wastelands, a part of Fallout, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Micheal shifted slowly to the side when a group of armed men approached town. He thought it would be in his best inerest to move away from the bar, a lot of NCR soldiers didn't think to highly of BoS soldiers, renagade ones or not. Before they got a good sight on Mike, he drew an arrow in the sand pointing to a cluster of houses. Now an arrow would hold no significance to anyone wandering around. But if someone knew how heavily power armor left boot prints in the sand they could tell who was leaving the arrow in the sand.

Micheal slowly padded over to the cluster of housed, and stood behind one. Once he was posotive no one from the approaching group had seen him he pulled off his helmet, and drank from a canteen hanging from his side. Micheal wiped the sweat beading on his forhead off with one of his gloves.

He had to of gone too far west. That was the only explaination. Maybe his sister had gone back east, maybe she went back to find Micheal after-all. Micheal pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind, because frankly they disturbed them. Micheal shook his head, and placed his helmet back on. He peeked around the corner of the house, and kept an eye on the armed men. They didn't seem to be walking in a set formation, and they didn't appear hostile. All of the same if they started shooting the place up Mike would put a quick stop to it with a barrage of Mini-gun. Though they had a perfectly clear right to bear arms. Micheal still was nervous when people in a group over four were armed. Force of habit maybe.