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located in Medieval fantasy, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval fantasy

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The events after the meeting happened with such a blur. There were vague details Takei could remember, but it was all lost in her frustration with the gatekeepers.
She leaned against a thick tree her hands clenching the fabrics of her clothing, the shadows flickering across her lost eyes as she stared at the dancing fire. The fire danced as if it was telling a war, going high about to win the war then it drops low as if defeated.
"Not the instructors, leaders or even Dani will let me out to do a mission.", her nails dug into her clothes puncturing a small hole in them, Takei looked down and inspected the minor damage done to her fishnet shirt.
She sighed hopelessly, knowing that their decisions were final. Purposefully distracting herself she walked toward the enchanting fire, it's bright red dancing and blending with orange.
Her feet stopped short an arm's length away from the dance, squatting down she stared ahead for a while.
Multiple thoughts came through, flashes of her past. It was never this peaceful in her ex-clan, she sometimes missed those nights of intense training.
The adrenaline rushing through her viens, danger lived with her, it was in her blood.