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Assassin's Camp

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Allison tried to recover some of her lost sleep, but nightmares made it impossible for her to rest. A knock on the door scared her in her dreams and she bit her hand to stop herself from screaming. Screaming was unwise on times like these, and even half-asleep she knew that. She heard Crys speaking from the outside. "Ali! Mother is calling us again!"

Allison wrapped a sash around her bleeding hand and muttered "Damn, what now?"

Crys laughed from outside the door. "What?"

"Nothing. I'm going, just give me a minute."

Crys turned the door knob and Allison yelled at her. "Don't come near me right now!"

Crys gave up entering, knowing what she meant. "What's wrong?"

Allison finished attending to her wound and opened the door with a smile. "Usual nightmares. Nothing big."

Crys nodded in agreement. And they walked together to Dani and Bastian's cabin again. After entering, Allison leaned against the wall next to the door. She wanted to stay as far away from Dani and Bastian in order to hide her wounded hand. She knew they always noticed everything. After everyone arrived Dani remained quiet, it was Bastian who actually did the talking this time. Which was rather odd.

"I know you are all curious to know why you have been called here again. Well for those of you who have been around long enough to know who the Wolf Hunters were, it's more than enough to just say there is one of them still alive, and hunting. For those of you who don't know. The Wolf Hunters were the only group that ever came close to destroying the Wolfpack. A few years ago we attacked them and killed all of their members... Or so we believed. This man, known as the Shadow Hunter is the last surviver of the Wolf Hunters. His real name is Theron, and he is not to be messed with."

Dani broke her silence and spoke in a firm tone. "I know most of you are unsatisfied for being locked in. This won't be for long, but until this person is out there is better to stay in camp. We have also gathered information on the deaths we have been accused of, that information will be verified and I will be addressing this upon my return."

Crys interrupted again. "From where?"

Dani cracked open a smile, she had a dangerous look in her eyes, bone chilling. "I will be taking the matter of this Hunter into my own hands. While I am away, your father will take first command and you will take his place. You are all dismissed for the time being, however... Some of you might be getting assignments soon, so don't get too comfortable."

As people started to leave, Allison noticed Crys hadn't moved. After leaving the cabin she heard Dani's voice one more time. "Evin, wait a second. I have an answer to your request..."

Allison was feeling sick to her stomach, something big was going to happen.