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located in Medieval fantasy, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.

Medieval fantasy

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Allison left the meeting and walked to a nearby lake, not outside camp grounds, but a little more secluded. She washed her hand and looked at the very clear bite mark with anger in her eyes.

She removed her boots and put her feet in the water, that always seemed to calm her down.
She couldn't seem to clear her mind enough to think about what exactly was happening. She did know that she was an enlightened, and so was Crys. For all she knew, anyone else in the clan could be one as well. Even if the Pack was not being blamed for this, they had reasons to worry about it. She didn't like being stuck in camp this way, she needed to be exhausted just so she would be able to sleep. She needed a distraction from her thoughts... She needed to breathe.

Dani said some actives would be getting assignments soon, but after overhearing that conversation after the first meeting, she knew it was unlikely she would be sent anywhere. Although she expected some trust after being in the Pack for six years, she didn't blame Dani for thinking she wasn't all that reliable.
Most times, Allison couldn't really trust herself. Although she considered the camp her home, and she had been as happy as it was possible fore her to be, which wasn't much, living there... There were moments when her past came back to haunt her. And there was nothing she wouldn't do just to get some peace of mind.