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Crys felt her thought process stop suddenly when she heard Evin speak her name. She considered how this might end up, knowing her mother would have the final say no matter what her opinion was. Still, her opinion was... Better her than Ali. Still, her mother might not agree with that.

All of a sudden she felt the silence in the room and thought maybe she was supposed to speak now. "I wouldn't mind going. If that is alright."

Her mother was quiet, and Crys knew she was considering it, but when she spoke, it was not the answer she wanted. "No... It's better if Allison goes. I need you to take second command, remember?"

Crys nodded. "Couldn't you assign someone else then?"

Her mother replied and Crys knew by the tone in her voice that she was in trouble. "If you can give me one good reason, that isn't personal, why I should. I'll assign someone else."

Crys sighed. "I just think this might not be the best idea that's all." She could not go into any specifics with Evin still in the room, but her parents knew about Ali's issues.

Her mother's reply ended the discussion right there. "I know what you mean... Still, Allison has been an active for over a year now, and she has a perfect record while on assignment. She's very organized she is fast and she is the closest to a perfect shot I've ever seen. I don't see why she wouldn't be qualified."

Crys simply nodded, knowing it would be useless to say anything more. She could only talk to Ali before she left and hope she wouldn't lose control of her temper. She then turned to Evin, not bothering to pretend she wasn't unhappy with the decision. "You'll probably find Ali somewhere near water. I would advise you not to sneak up on her though."