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Allison had listened to Evin very carefully, and in silence. As soon as he left her she walked straight home and got her bow and quiver. As he had said fifteen minutes, she sat down for a second or two, meanwhile Crys entered her room without knocking. Allison smiled at her. "I'm fine Crys."

Crys shut the door and pulled a chair. "I'm sure you are. Just a few reminders... Evin has been an active for much longer than you, which means you must do as he says. You understand that?"

Allison nodded in agreement. "Sure, I understand."

Crys smiled. "Good, and what can anger and fear do to you?"

"Anger and fear cloud my good judgement and force me to make mistakes. And mistakes will get me killed." Allison recited those words without hesitation. As she usually reminded herself of that before going on any assignment.

Crys opened a smile. "Great, all set then. Are you alright to shoot with that hand. It's still aching isn't it?"

Allison looked at Crys serious for a second. "Hey! Don't do that!"

Crys laughed. "You listen to my conversations and I will intrude on your feelings. Just like that. Are you alright to shoot?"

Allison sighed. "Yes, I'm alright to shoot. I should get going, I don't want to be late." She got up from her bed and walked past where Crys was seated. While she passed the door she opened a smile when hearing the familiar sound of a wooden flute coming from the inside of the house. She walked towards the gates whistling the familiar tune, a rare smile spreading across her face and lighting up her eyes as she walked.


Dani Rivers was ready to leave. And while checking her knives, she listened carefully as Bastian spoke.
"If decides to show up, he will already be there when you arrive, and he will know the area well enough to have a plan. If you approach the area and don't see him... Walk away."

Dani sighed. "I know the area too, you know. And don't worry, the problem with plans is that... When other people are involved, they usually fail. Whatever he's expecting of me... This is definitely not it."

Bastian sighed. "Are you sure about this? What makes you think he'll believe you?"

Dani got on her feet. And stopped to face him at the door. "He won't, but he will want to be sure. If he will care or not, that's a completely different story. As far as I'm concerned, this is a chance I'm giving him to end this."

She walked through the door, without another word. That was her usual goodbye, and he was very much used to it by now. She walked through the gates quickly and walked straight to her destination. Bastian was right... He was already there.

Dani approached the man slowly, her hands away from the Sai daggers at her waist, which was merely a gesture, she could reach them in a split second. She was trying to keep herself as controlled as possible, but she cracked open a smile anyway, as she broke the silence."It's been quite some time, hasn't it?"

She remembered the last time she saw that face, as well as the first. She wouldn't have believed those two people to be the same, if she didn't know better. Still, she had decided that, for the sake of her clan, she would forget everything. With all those thoughts running across her mind, none of them showed in her cold blue eyes as she stood there before him. Dani had many years and many deaths on her shoulders, no hunter was ever to intimidate her. If she was to die there... Death never really frightened her.

If she was to die there, she was well prepared to drag him along, but at this point she was still hoping it wouldn't go that far. She waited patiently for him to reply, leaning casually against a nearby tree. She still kept herself in a considerable distance, for the time being.