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Medieval fantasy

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Takei wandered to the entrance of Dani River's cabin, it was like the other cabins brown except it was large in size.
The past few hours were a blur, it was her usual schedule and with her missions on hold there was nothing for her to do.
Her steps lead her to where she was now, she hoped to get possibly a tiny mission. It didn't matter to her as long as she was out from the Camp for a couple of days.
Takei would have asked during the campfire but fatigue ran over her from the harsh training she indulged herself over earlier.
She knocked on the closed door.




Takei started to walk back passing the rear entrance of the Camp. She walked to the guards, they recognized her and mumbled a few words.
She caught one of those words as Kei, shortly after her first arrival they used that term to address her as a soon-to-be traitor.
After a few years the people of the town realized her loyalty and it was rarely used, but in whispers it was still heard.

"What do you want Kei?" A male guard spat the word like it was venom.

"Don't Kyle! She earned the towns respect years ago!" Another young female guard warned her comrade of the minimal punishments if the instructors heard.

'Funny, if only she meant that warning too.'
Takei didn't bother defending herself but said in a stoned voice, "Have you seen Dani Rivers? It's about a mission."

''Kyle'' seemed confused, "That mission? I thought it wasn't on a go yet."

"Kyle, Dani told us about it. A few assassin's would be excused from the leave, she must be one of them."

"That's the thing, Dani didn't tell us who specifically... The Kei might be tricking us."

On Takei's arrival she promised not to do anything unnecessary. Sadly it was broken upon this moment.

"Listen guards, I'm one of those three and I need to talk to Dani. This mission determines the Wolfpack, so I just need confirmation with Dani, not you." Takei almost took back her words. Almost.

The female guard quieted a pissed off looking Kyle, she motioned the direction with a nod.
"T-That way, head straight and you might catch her."

With a nod of her head, Takei departed in the direction. It was unnatural for only two guards to block the entrance, she'd have to mention this to an instructor as soon as she's back.

She ran up the tree bark and used the branches for speed and height as her advantage.
Her purple eyes didn't catch Dani but she saw a man waiting between two trees a few meters from her location.
It was something about this man that made her want to stay and watch.
Like a little kid at her first magic show, deciding upon instinct she stayed in her spot.

Crouched on a thick branch on one of the tallest trees she watched waiting for his next movement.