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The sun was now dead and the night rested heavily upon them. Theron stood still at the same point he had been standing for the entire conversation. There had been a small yet uncomfortable silence between them before Dani had spoken once more.

"You know what bothers me about hunters? You are all hypocrites. You judge us as being monsters, still... No one under the command of my family as ever hurt a child, can you say the same for yourself?" Dani said. Theron didn't move, he remained still knowing that what he had done that night had been nothing but justice for his fathers death. Dani continued to speak.

"You dared my men to demand the truth for me, what do you know of the truth yourself? You know how your father was killed, have you bothered to ask yourself why he was killed? You should know by now that we are hired assassins... There's always a reason why we kill people, even if we don't usually bother to know it."

The hunters fist clenched with violence behind his back. If she so much as spoke ill of his father he would not care about his so called moment of truth anymore. Daniela's hands grew closer to her weapons and then the sentence which changed everything came.

"I am sorry to inform you... Your father was not the respectful man he appeared to be. He was quite a rat, in my personal opinion."

The split-second after that wretched fool had uttered "opinion" Theron's rage took a hold of him. What seemed like a blur to the assassins was actually Theron cutting of two small ropes that had been concealed close to his feet before he swiftly threw himself to the ground, rolled and pulled the trigger on his crossbow, sending a quick and perfectly aimed arrow towards the assassin in the tree. If that didn't hit the sneaky little thing in a blind spot then he would be surprised. The ropes he had cut of in an amazingly swift move unleashed three bear traps, sending them towards Dani's position from three different places. He was sure that it would not kill her but not even the hunter himself was quick enough to destroy all three bear traps before they reached him. If she would not die, then she would surely be severely damaged.

There was not a second to spare and Theron took advantage of every single one he was given. As a final he threw a smoke bomb into the ground and once the smoke had disappeared he was gone as well.

4 hours later, in Newhaven

Scroll after scroll, they were all teared down from the wall. The keeper of the vault lied dead a couple of meters away from where Theron was now insanely tearing through scrolls to find a city record about his father. That scroll would give him all the reports and information he wanted about his father. It could not be true what Dani had told him. His father had never treated him badly, hell he raised him to be a good man, a decent law following man. The only reason he became the man he is today is because of those wretched assassins. He would have his revenge soon enough but first there was things to do.
With nothing else on his mind but finding the truth he kept on searching.

After many screams of anger and frustration he finally found the scroll he had been looking for. It had been buried deep down below a Hugh pile of scrolls about the history of Valcrest. His eyes landed on the old words on the scroll and they kept on moving all through to the end of the scroll. After that he dropped the parchment of paper in his hand and feel to both of his knees. How could it be true? How could his father had done this to Valcrest, to all those people and most important of them all; why did he do it to him?

Several flashbacks flew through his mind. His 16th birthday when he had asked to tag along with his father to Blackpond, the joyful moment before everything crashed down before his eyes. His father lied in a blood pool and there was nothing he could do. In front of him he now saw all of his old Hunt comrades. Sarah, Johanna, Gerald, Kyle and Sebastian. All but one of them was covered in black blood where they lied on the ground surrounded by dead people wearing assassin robes of highest grade. And then came almost all the faces of his victims over the years of hunting. The old woman, the twin brothers, Dani's sister, the group of men and woman patrolling in the woods.

His thoughts about the Pack, his judgement and his actions had all been tainted by lies, lies told to him by his own father and kinsmen. He was a broken man without a destination. He felt ease in his heart as he forgave the Wolfpack for each second he remained sitting on the ground. He had no choice, he would have to face judgement and justice for his crimes against a group of people who had done him nothing wrong. With that he rose up from his sitting position and began to make his way back to the Wolfpack's camp.

The scroll that he had learned the truth from rolled into the pool of blood from the keeper and was for ever destroyed. In it Theron had discovered that his father had been smuggling food and weapons from Newhaven to Blackpond. He had been one of many sources to fuel the war and take advantage of all that death. His death had saved thousands of other lives and this, this was justice.