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located in Valcrest, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere outside the cities and camp (This was supposed to be default location)


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A few hours had passed since they had left the camp. The woods all looked the same, but to Evin, each individual tree was a marker to where he was. Certain patterns in the very wrinkles of the tree gave an exact position of he was in. He had been through these woods so much that he thought it would be dire to know everything about them. During his missions he had time to study the details and moss on every tree. After a while, he started taking notes on the trees so he could have a written reference to it. Then he slowly memorized it and created a complex map that had every single tree and it's exact location. Although the map wasn't to scale, he knew exactly the distances from certain land marks. After a good ten years of careful study, he could navigate through the woods without even thinking about it.
Two hours distance was far enough for him to start explaining the mission. He had taken time to make sure he wasn't being followed by anyone and even if someone was and he missed it, he had set up a few traps very inconspicuously as he was walking. He was sure that no one would be able to have followed them. It was time to explain.
"I would scorn you for not asking questions, but what you did back at camp with that arrow impressed me. Now, I would like you to be a little more curious for now on. That is why I picked you for the mission." He looked at Allison and smiled, "Now that we are far enough out, I guess I should tell you what our mission is. But first I think you should know the history that has lead up to this mission."
"You see, several years ago, probably before you were born, a friend of mine and I were out on a mission. His name was Parry and he was the only person in the camp I really felt close to. The mission was to assassinate a young merchant man, but that doesn't really matter. While on the mission, we found the camp of a certain man in the forest. This man's name was Theron. I'm sure you have herd of the name."
"Parry wanted to stop our mission all together in order to kill him, but I knew that this was not a good idea. We didn't have any backup for such a high level threat and we were specifically told not to get sidetracked on this mission. Of course, Perry didn't listen to me and he made his attack, but it went horribly wrong. It turned out that Theron was aware of Perry and I. He attacked us without remorse. I knew that if we didn't get out of there, we would die. I created a diversion, though it didn't quite work. My diversion distracted Perry as well, but by this time, I was long gone. I don't quite know what happened to him, but I have herd rumors that he is still alive. While on missions, I had discovered that Theron never got hold of the ring that Perry had. Basically, we need to find Theron before he is found and killed by Dani. He is the only one who knows what happened that day. I know that he does go to Newhaven often. Hopefully we can intercept him there. Do you have any questions?"