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located in Valcrest, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


Anywhere outside the cities and camp (This was supposed to be default location)


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Allison shivered slightly in fear, not to hear the Shadow Hunter's name, but to hear where they were going. It only lasted a second though, and she hoped it would go unnoticed. She tried to remember Dani's words exactly... She smiled quietly. She didn't quite see how Dani would have authorized them to go after someone she said she would deal with herself. She wondered how Evin had managed to get her permission to go on an assignment without telling her what it was... That was quite impressive, coming to think of it. Still she had understood it perfectly, so she had no questions. "No, no questions."

She didn't speak as they made their way to the city. It was quite obvious to her that it would be more tricky to catch the hunter alive than it would be to kill him. Ali had no hopes to approach him peacefully, she knew he would easily identify them as assassins, or in the very least... He would recognize Evin.

Sneaking into Newhaven was a rather easy task if you knew where to go. Being in the Wolfpack, you would have to. The tricky part was not to draw the attention of the many soldiers roaming the streets at all times. No matter how much Ali hated the city, she had to admit, their leader did a good job in keeping it safe. Except for the soldiers, the streets were very much empty, so they made their way straight to the safety of the Inn. Allison smiled as she saw a familiar face behind the counter. The boy working there looked at her slightly shocked. "Allison? You here?"
She sat in front of the counter and nodded. "Yes, Justin. So, any important news?"
The boy shrugged. "It's been rather quiet actually. Except for the little stunt the Shadow Hunter pulled in Blackpond earlier today. You guys heard?"
Allison nodded. "No, was anyone hurt?"
Justin laughed. "No, not like that at all. He paid this kid to go into the Inn and make threats. Bastian was there, he didn't seem happy about it at all for what I heard. Specially since the boy mentioned Dani's name."

Allison looked at her friend in a shock. No one outside the clan should know the name of their leader... Who the hell was this Hunter? "What did he say about Dani?"
Justin hesitated before answering. "He said... He told the messengers there to ask Dani for the truth."

Allison laughed. "The truth... Right."