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Medieval fantasy

*Sigh* This was supposed to be named VALCREST, but for some copy-paste mix up it got named something completely different. Oh, well... The joys of using the RP tab for the first time. lol Change your future posts to the correct location please.


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The bed felt soft and cold, Takei stirred in her dreams for a while.
It was dark, there was no emotion to describe the burning pain she was in.
Hell blazed and burned within the wound and it's herbs. The twisted chanting came back and Takei could have almost chanted the same thing as it embed itself within her head. The old women's cold fingers digging into her skin, she shuddered at the thought.
A light humming time to time drew the darkness out, it fought with the pain, comforting it.
Takei remembered her previous life with the Chu Clan. Only one person would hum her before bed and it was her brother. A silly discovery since it would always be the mother, but her brother proved to be more caring than her mother and father combined.
The smell of alcohol and elixir shot her from the bed, the sheet crumpled against her grip.
Takei's memory blurred and fuzzed she could recall the herbs and hot towel, the bed she was on wasn't hers.
Reality and Dreaming mixed together as she realized her old life was long gone. Dead. Away.
Swinging her legs to the side she got up and walked to the door, she rested her hand on the knob and though. This room wasn't hers, everything was out of order, her weapon rack wasn't there, the closet was bigger and the window had heavy drapes on them. Takei remembered her injury and glanced at the bandaged arm looked up and saw the girl that would always be with Dani Rivers. She looked familiar, cradling her arm to her side Takei asked, "If I'm not mistaken your Crys?"