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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


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The sun shone brightly through the window of the Hunters room. He had been sleeping for quite a while now and he didn't have any problems with the thought of staying in bed. But he knew that he had to go out and fill up on his stock of food and other supplies but that could wait until tonight. As for now he was going to take it slow and let his opponent do whatever he wants to do for the duel tomorrow. Theron didn't underestimate the man and his skills nor did he think less about the girl with the man, but they had both thought it would be easy to just confront the very being that has slayed so many of their kinsmen that you can't count the number with your fingers and toes. They had underestimated him and his years of experience and now he was going to try and teach them a lesson. Well he had no other choice, but he would most certainly avoid to kill them. He would try to neutralize the man first and then the Girl would likely attack him out of fear of dying and then he would have to quickly neutralize her too before proceeding to tell them the truth. But that was tomorrow. Right now he was going to go back to sleep for another couple of hours before he would go out and fill up on supplies and await the next day.

"I have to confess that sleeping in a bed beats sleeping out in the wild, even though I feel safer out there then in here." Theron thought before falling asleep once more.