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Crys smiled at the man's words, and she took a seat as soon as she found the chair. Although she physically resembled Dani the most... In her mannerisms, Crys was a lot like her father when she was calm. So her tone was a calm and casual one, as it rarely was when she was in camp since she was constantly dealing with recruits and problematic actives. "Well, we received notification of what happened here last night. Although, my mother didn't give any details other than the fact that you have a duel arranged with one of our actives. So, my mother sent me here to take care of this."

She sighed and nodded. "Knowing Evin he probably acted like an immature brat, and... Allison is an immature brat. So, my only problem here is if you plan on killing them. In that case we will have a problem. Otherwise... I won't intervene. These two definitely need to learn a lesson or two..." She added in a severe, yet amused, tone. "Specially Evin."

She took a quiet moment to try and figure out what Theron's intentions were at the moment. She immediately wondered what her mother had told him when they met... She recognized him as someone she had sensed before, although she didn't remember ever meeting with him, still... Something was very much different.

She finally broke out of her silence, when remembering something important. "My father's brother, Kyle. Do you remember him?"