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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Crystal laughed at the man's response. "That is cruel actually... I'm pretty sure Ali would much rather deal with you."

She crossed her arms and nodded confirming Theron's statement. "Yes. He was killed in his home last night. I'll be heading for Blackpond next, to find out what exactly happened. It might have something to do with the fact he had been giving us information on the enlightened deaths. His wife was one of the victims." She shrugged. "My dad is very upset about this. Personally... I never met the man. This killer is what worries me most, I wonder what he could be after."

Crys lost herself in her thoughts for a moment. Well, if this person was after the abilities, hers was one he surely wouldn't want. Three years of killing people while experiencing their fear and pain had been complete torture for her. No one would choose to go through such a thing. Still, her father was an enlightened, so was Ali, maybe other in the Pack... There were more than just a few reasons to worry. If that was it, then how was it possible...? Crys frowned while thinking it over. "This person knows a lot about the Wolfpack, and I don't like it at all."