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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Ali heard Evin's words and a sudden rush of panic hit her. Fire. They were going to set the whole place on fire. Shit! It's not like she could help it, fire usually made her useless. The thought of it caused her mind to go to a bad place. As the same time as her sight came back, she couldn't seem to see anything anymore, even if she was able to.

She could hear her brother's voice yelling out that they had to leave. She was fighting him as hard as she could, she didn't want to leave the baby. She eventually gave up and let herself be dragged into safety while her baby sister screamed inside. When she was finally at a distance, she could still hear the crying and screaming even if she knew that they were only in her mind. She dropped to the ground, the last tears she ever cried rolling down her face. The last look she gave her brother was one of pure contempt as he had chosen to save her instead of the baby on the crib. She regret it immediately, as seconds later he was stabbed in the back. His eyes darkened before he fell to the ground, in a split second he was gone. The soldier looked at her and laughed...

She was broke out of that thought by Evin's voice. "...Anyone who can fight, start throwing knives or shooting arrows through the windows to slow them down..."

Allison shook her head as hard as she could. The fire hadn't been lit yet, but it would be soon. She turned to face the nearest window and started shooting through it, arrow after arrow, without thinking, but hitting one soldier with each.

Evin had gone up the stairs. She had 20 arrows on her, but her sight was still blurry... So much for a perfect record.