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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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The proud and humble hunter named Theron was about to answer the blind assassin named Crystals statements when the man he had challenged yesterday stormed into the room. He looked like he'd seen a ghost and he told them that the Newhaven guards were going to burn the Inn down. Theron moved swiftly over to the window and took a look outside. There was indeed a group of guards stationed around the Inn, pouring some sort of flammable liquid on it's walls.

"So much for the nice hospitality." Theron thought and broke the window with his elbow. A couple of scratches was nothing compared to his life for the moment. He quickly pulled out a smoke bombs and two unknown bombs that he had never tested before. He threw the smoke bomb down at the guards below which caused them to back away from the Inn in disarray before he threw the other two bombs. Suddenly there was several high pitched screams from the ground as the guards clenched at their faces. The bombs had contained an acid liquid that could burn through almost any cloths and skins. One by one they all fell to the ground dead, but they were soon replaced by new ones. But instead of focusing on the Inn, their attention lied on the man who had killed their friends.

Turning around Theron grabbed Evin by his left arm and pulled him closer.

"Jump out from the window to the next rooftop. I will follow you shortly. Do it now!" He almost screamed before Evin could come up with any objections. After that he made his way over to Crystal.

"I'll get Allison out of here. Jump out the window with Evin. It's 3 meter in front of you and the distance between the Inn and the next rooftop is probably around 1 and a half meter. Now go, I'll help Allison!" Theron almost ordered her and before she could say anything he was sprinting towards the stairs leading down to the bar and the common area of the Inn where Allison were.

"Allison!" He screamed through the smoke. The Inn was now on fire and smoke filled the air in the room. Theron coughed but he had to admit; He had been in worse situations. He moved up and grabbed Allison's both arms, lowering her bow while doing so. "Allison! It's too late. We have to get out of here!" He could almost see her surprised face expression through the thick smoke but he ignored it as he pulled her with him up the stairs. The smoke followed them swiftly and soon the entire Inn was filled with smoke.
They moved into the room where the broken window was and Theron pointed at it.

"Jump out there! Evin and Crystal is already out! Let's go!" He screamed and pushed Allison ahead of him. Suddenly a large wood pile fell over Theron. A small part of the roof had crashed in. The hunters left leg was trapped under the pile of broken wood but he had no time to think about his own life.

"Get out Allison! I'll be fine!" Theron shouted and tried to lift the small pile by himself but in vain. He was stuck. He saw some doubt in Allison for a split-second before she departed. And so it was; The man who had snuffed out so many innocent lives, brought fear into the heart of those who helped people and killed more people than what he had ever thought he would be was going to die. His life was now at an end. He, the greatest hunter of assassins would die in a burning Inn, stuck under a pile of wood... No, this was not his fate! Theron suddenly grabbed the strongest points of the pile and with all his strength he tried to lift it. He failed two times and now something had exploded in the bar downstairs. Probably all that booze. Soon the fire would reach the main storage and the entire building would blow up in a glorious light. Theron on the other hand didn't plan on sticking around to experience it. For a third and last time he attempted to lift the pile and he made it!

He quickly got up on his feet once more and ran for the window. He jumped out from it just in time as the Inn exploded, sending pieces of it all over the street nearby. The hunter landed at Crystals feet and swiftly got up on his own feet again. He made the sign for the group to follow him. They had to go into hiding and keep a low-profile wile making their way out from Newhaven.