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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Newhaven


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Ali had been shooting the soldiers outside as fast as she could, but she would run out of arrows soon, and they would light the fire. She didn't understand why they had been taking so long. Justin had been helping out with a crossbow, but he was lousy with it. There were workers still inside, two of them 12 year old recruits. Allison nodded. "Takei, Justin... Lead the workers out through one of the windows upstairs. I'll hold them off some more, then I'll follow. If we separate... Don't look for us, get out of the city, straight to camp." She was only repeating the instruction she received the first time she had been on assignment there. It ended up badly, but she remembered Crys' words perfectly enough to pass them along.

She simply felt the movement around her, but didn't look. Could she have left already? Sure! But she wanted to kill as many of the bastards as she could, until her last arrow. As soon as she knocked it though, the fire started, and now she was in trouble. As the fire started to spread Ali simply couldn't move a muscle except for involuntary coughing.
All of a sudden though, she heard someone calling her name, the voice seemed strangely distant, but she could recognize it. It was Theron. She didn't really listen, or perceived anything other than the fact that she was being dragged to a window. She was able to pull herself together enough to jump to the roof, but before she did, she heard a noise and turned. Theron had been caught under a pile of wood. Leaving people behind wasn't her favorite thing. Still, she knew the Hunter wouldn't take her help even if she insisted on staying behind. He had already told her to leave, saying he would be fine. He was lying probably, but there wasn't much time to think about it.

She jumped onto the rooftop, and laid down on top of it for a while looking at the amount of soldiers that were left. She saw something odd there, but... She thought it was best not stay there for two long. She blinked a few times to return her sight to normal, her ears were ringing now because of it, but it had been worth it apparently. She dropped onto the ground on a small alley behind the house. Crys and Evin were already there.

She was shivering, but clenched her fists to make it stop... For now. Once they were safe she could break. Now was not the time, though. They moved further away from the Inn. Crys stopped suddenly. "I know a place we can go until things calm a little."
Ali nodded, she knew who she was talking about. "You can't be serious, Crys. He was expelled for a reason."
Crys smiled. "Yes, but you don't know what it is. Also... We don't have much of a choice. We won't be able to leave town until this mess clears. we won't make passed the soldiers to the exits. Jake can help us, and he doesn't live far. Follow me."


Crys led the group through the alleyways, making sure to be careful for the sound of soldiers. She had completed a lot of assignments in Newhaven, she knew the city perfectly well. She could notice Ali's breath was more and more altered as they walked, damn! She wasn't going to hang on much longer.
Takei hadn't joined them, if something had happened to the girl Crys would never forgive herself for leaving instead of walking downstairs with Theron. They reached the back entrance of a house, on the living are of the town. Crys knocked three times on the door. Shortly after that, a boy answered.

Jacob Turner had been one of Crys' recruits. More than that... He was Bastian's favorite active. Still, he was suspected of committing treason, and since it couldn't have been proved... Dani asked Crys to make a decision. Crys sentenced Jake to an expulsion. Even so, they had kept in touch, even though it was against the rules. Jake smirked as he looked at his former instructor, and the rest of the group. "I thought I heard a commotion... What have you people done?"

Crys simply nodded. She was furious beyond belief, but not at him. So her tone was rather calm. "Just let us in before someone see us, Jake."

The boy stepped aside for them to enter the house. Once everyone was inside he closed and locked the door. "Don't worry. They already looked here first, so i doubt they'll come back... Today."

Allison's breath was uneven, and her heart was beating faster than normal rate... Not good. Then Crys realized it was warm inside, and looked at him serious. "Put out the fire."

"Put out the...?"

Too late. Allison hit the ground unconscious half way through Jake's talking. Crys nodded, her tone was irritated, but she was worried. "Stupid kid!" She sighed. "Well, leave it as is for now. You can put it out later."

She found a chair and sat, then she faced Evin. "How about that explanation now? What was all that?" She really wanted to ask what he did wrong this time. Only because she was angry. She didn't see a way in which Evin could have messed up to cause this. He was many things, but wasn't stupid. Wasn't for the incident with his friend he probably would be instructor by now. She kept track of Jakes footsteps, he sat down not far from her. He laughed. "I could have 500 gold coins right now... Instead in risking my life for someone who failed to trust me. And I'm the traitor?"

Crys nodded. "Are we really getting into this? Do you not recall what happened last time?"

Jake went silent after that reminder, Crys went back to waiting for an explanation. She was angry. She had lost a recruit, the Inn had been burned... She could pretty much feel the earth shaking with the wrath of her mother. Things did not look good.

All of a sudden she heard Ali's voice, rather weak. "I missed three shots..."

Crys frowned. "So?"

"I had 20 arrows.There were more than 20 soldiers killed by arrow shots, some were further away from the Inn, couldn't have been hit through the windows... There was someone outside killing them."

Crys nodded furious. Someone had broken out of camp. Whoever it was, was still out there. This was the last thing she needed! "Shit! Will someone go find the idiot?"

Jake stood and walked towards the door slowly. "I'll go. I'm pretty sure I can still recognize a Pack member when I see one."