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located in Newhaven, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Evin was shocked about what he herd Theron say. That conversation that Crystal had with him must have really worked. That wasn't his main concern though. He waited for the rest of the people to come through the window. There wasn't much time left to get out of there seeing that it was filled with alcohol and would blow any second. First Allison came out. She looked very traumatised for some reason. Evin had no clue why but it didn't matter too much; He was surprisingly more concerned about where Theron was. He knew that he could just ask Allison, but then without any warning Theron flew out of the window followed by an explosion. Evin didn't even flinch though, he had expected it to happen sooner or later.
He remembered Jacob very well. He was nothing more than a little brat. Even before he was labeled a traitor, Evin didn't like him. He couldn't think of a single redeeming quality to the kid. Maybe his talents for hiding, but that was a cowardly trait to have. A traitor was nothing more than a threat to the Wolves and Evin cherished the Wolfpack more than anything else. Jake was no good. But unfortunately, this was the only place he could hide.
As memories of Jacob rushed through Evin's mind, Jacob had them seated in his house.
"How about that explanation now? What was all that?" Crystal sneered at him. She wasn't mad at him for sure, but he wasn't really appreciate it leaking off on him. Before he could speak, the conversation between Jacob and Crystal got off the ground again, but didn't last long. Crystal told Jacob why she was mad and then things broke up from there. Jacob left to go find the kid who had broken out of camp during the lock down. It was time that she knew what had happened, but first...
"You remember what I told you about frowning Crystal?" He had to add that. He knew it was a little immature, but people needed a reason to smile sometimes. "On another note, I believe that Allison and I found the man who is up to all of these murders. We don't have much of a lead, but he is very friendly with the guards as you could see from what had just happened. I am assuming that he is well known around here. I also noted that he has some skills that are very similar to those that are used in the Wolfpack. Either way we need to get out of here. If the person was a former Wolfpack member, then he will know almost all of our secrets in this town. He has the guards on his side too, so our best bet is to get to Blackpond and wait for him to come to us or take his next victim that lives there."