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Theron had followed Crystal and the rest of the group in silence. He had not much to say or to do and so he remained neutral as well during the conversation or if you could even call it a conversation between Crystal and the man named Jake. It had been more like a outburst in Therons eyes, but never the less, she had very right to be angry at this point. Then Jake had left to find the other assassin or person who had assisted them in their escape from the Inn. Silence fell over the little house after Jake had left and no one said a thing. Evin stood on the other side of the room, Crystal was sitting in a chair while Allison was lying on the floor. Theron didn't know why they wanted to put out the fire, but he guessed he could do it soon enough. He was going to let the girl suffer a little bit more.

Then Jake returned with a man Crystal immediately seemed to recognize. She didn't say his name out loud but she did express her frustration against him for the time being. Jake left once more and Crystal started to ask people questions.

"Are you two still planning on killing each other? Or can we dismiss that idea for the time being?" She asked, both Evin and Theron at the same time probably. Theron moved from the wall slowly and made his way over to the fireplace. With two swift stomps the fire was out and after that he pulled Allison up on her feet once more and lead her to the closest chair.

"You people can endure a little cold now can't you?" Theron asked with a sly smile before facing Evin. "Our duel can wait, kid. But as soon as we get the chance I will show you some things." He finished and nodded at Evin before turning to Crystal once more.

"If there's nothing else you need help with I'm actually heading back to your camp to see your mother. But if you still need me, then I'd be happy to help." Therons said, offering his help to a former enemy. This was quite a odd moment though.