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Allison handed Dani a note, explaining what had happened at Inn, and shortly before that, and also a little bit of her personal input, although she doubted that would really count for something. She wasn't as close to Dani as she was to Crys, although they had talked many times since she first arrived in camp. On her first couple of years Dani had worried about her state of mind, which Ali found extremely unnerving, but was still very grateful for. She walked past Dani and went to a somewhat large cabin and entered, nodding as the nice ladies who worked there as cooks greeted her, she sat by a wooden table quietly. One of the young girls who were studying to become healers was also there, she nodded at Ali and moved to sit next to her. "What have you done to your hand there?"

She looked at the girl with the corner of her eyes, she knew the girl from the last time she had been injured, although, it had been very serious then. Annie became very annoying about her lack of care with her health ever since. "It's nothing, just a little cut. And yes, I cleaned it properly."
The girl smiled innocently. "I'm sure you have. I mean, you surely wouldn't risk your hand, you are an archer after all..."
Allison sighed, irritated, and put her bandaged hand on the table, while reaching for a bowl of soup she had been given, with the other. "Fine, have a look if you think it's necessary."

Annie removed the sash Ali had used to bandage her hand and examined it. Ali started eating a piece of bread, absently, while Annie replaced the bandages with ones soaked in some kind herbal extract. "There. You did quite a nice work on that bandage, but this will help it heal a little faster."

Ali nodded, soaking a piece of bread in the onion soup. "I don't really see what's the rush."
Annie chuckled sipping from her cup of tea. "Ali, have you heard from Takei?"
Ali looked at her curious. "Not really, why?"
Annie sighed. "well, the herbs we used on her were rather strong. Maybe she shouldn't have been sent on assignment so soon. Anyway, I have to get going, don't forget to change those bandages later, alright?"
"Sure." Ali said, not really paying much attention.

They should have made it back already... There was blood on the trail. Maybe Jake found them and turned them around. Yeah... They were probably with Crys.
She pulled her thoughts back to the bowl of soup, hoping everything would just turn out okay.