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Ali looked at the newcomer and sighed. Why was everyone wanting to talk today? she was obviously not the kind of person to force herself to be social, but to the few people she could tolerate she would make an effort to at least not be rude. "Yes. I bet your day was just the best." She smiled as if to reinforce the sarcasm, had it gone unnoticed. A few hours ago she would be giving anything to get out of the the lock down, but now she almost wish she hadn't left at all.

All she and Evin managed to do was cause a commotion, and most likely get the Inn destroyed. Takei and Justin were missing, well... Maybe not, but they could be. And now... She had seen a lot she didn't like today. Bastian leaving the way he did was one. She remembered Crys saying she was worried about him. She wondered why.

She smiled after quite some time of silence. "Sorry. I Had a lousy day. I wish we were allowed to have alcohol." She laughed as some guards entered and gave her ugly looks as they passed them. "Thinking about it, Dani is right... Drunken assassins... Not the best idea."