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Theron smiled at Dani's words. It seemed like Allison had taken a liking to the old man. or maybe it was just because he saved her and Crystals lives. Evin was another matter that should not be discussed. He remained at the little girls grave, looking upon it's peaceful resting place. How could he have done something like this? No... He had shake all of this off of him now! It was in the past, this is the presence and tomorrow is the future. He can only look forward and move forward, not backwards for that means deep and uncontrollable sorrow. He faced Dani once more as she continued speaking. She told him that she would not kill him. Theron was a bit shocked to say at least, but the feeling faded when the assassin moved closer to Theron.

"All I want from you, is the name of the traitor who had been giving away our secrets. After that... Your life is your own." She said and Theron couldn't find the words to say anything. His mouth was dry and his words seemed empty somehow. Your life is your own...? No, he had no goal and no true purpose to live. What would happen after he had turned another girl over to the never ending wheel of death? Would her blood be on his hands? Would her spirit haunt him in his dreams just like Dani's little sister did? No, he could not do that. But then as he was about to refuse an idea kicked in and as always he took advantage of it within a split-second.

"If my life would be my own... Then I refuse to say her name. Let me instead train and teach her everything I know and then you can judge if she is to be killed or not. All I ask for is a chance to show the rest of of the Pack that my redemption as come and passed and that my knowledge is gold worth for assassins such as yourself. What say you?" Theron finally replied, a bit over excited but he refused to admit it.