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Allison kept quiet and let Vilen speak. She wasn't really caring much for the conversation. She was trying not to think of what might be going on between Theron and Dani at the moment. Whatever decision Dani would make would be the right one, even if it was one she didn't agree to. After all, she knew Theron for a few hours only, and it wasn't much like her to be trusting people this easily. She nodded looking at Vilen serious once he was finished. "You talk too much sometimes. And you should seriously think twice before calling anyone a lunatic. Who knows how many deaths we'll all have on our hands ten years from now? Those things take their toll on a person's mind as well."

She sat back and let her eyes wander around the room. Not minding the guards that were still staring. She smirked recognizing the guy she had shot at earlier. Dani must have given him hell for letting Takei follow her. The idiot.


Dani was a little disappointed, to say the least, but she was slightly intrigued as well. She laughed lightly. "I could, if I wanted, simply order Crys find out. Although I would much rather not put her through it. It would be a lot easier now also, knowing it's a girl. But let's say, for the sake of this conversation that I was to agree with this... What could you possibly teach this person that would make me trust her any more? There are a great deal of things I'm able to forgive, betrayal is never one of them."

Dani always made sure to speak to any newcomers, and she would always tell them that if they could leave their past behind, she didn't need to know about it. She would trust them into their family, and she wasn't willing to easily forgive anyone who would took that for granted.