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Theron didn't doubt for a second that with the right information Crystal could easily sniff out the so called 'traitor' but he felt like this was something he just had to do. He had dragged her down into the abyss and now after realizing his mistakes, seen the light and accepted the fact that his point of view had been wrong he now felt like he had to help her back on the right path and while doing so making her a better assassin in the process. He just had to find the right words to convince Dani on all of this, but how? Several ideas and speeches formed themselves in his mind but they were quickly dismissed has bad ones or useless ones. At the end Theron did something he had never done before: He spoke directly from his heart, not thinking what he was going to say and when he was going to say those chosen words. He just spoke his mind.

"You assassins have always eliminated targets that are either unaware of you hunting them or being aware of it. You've always hunted targets that has been moving or standing still, but you've never had the experience of hunting another hunter, now have you? All those that killed the Wolf hunters are long gone, either from age or from my blade to which I'm not all too proud of, but that's the current situation we're in." Theron started walking away from Dani, looking at other grave stones. "I've heard of this hunter who hunts enlightened people. He's a hunter and from the looks of it almost as good as I am. If you ever want to have a chance of taking him down you need my knowledge. I could teach this person in question so that she later on could teach others, unless you would be willing to let me teach all of those that you want to hunt this hunter? In either case, I'd like to pass on my knowledge before I leave you all."

Theron stopped at a random grave and faced Dani again.

"See it more as a gift from me to you. For all that I've done in the past."