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located in Blackpond, a part of Shadows of the Enlightened, one of the many universes on RPG.


City of Blackpond


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The walk to Blackpond seemed very long since Crystal wouldn't talk to Evin almost the entire way. When Evin had asked if they could take a few minutes break, she almost didn't even acknowledge him, but then decided that it would be a good idea to stop. Something seemed off about Crystal during the time walking too and it wasn't just the simple hatred that she seemed to have towards Evin. There was something else wrong too.
When they entered the city, Crystal stopped and said, "Something terrible has happened here..."
Evin didn't even hesitate after he heard that. He ran strait to the inn running past all the crowds of people that were starting to gather around there. He had pushed a few people down trying to get to the inn. all that was racing through his mind was what could have happened. He was wondering if maybe gangs could have taken over the inn or maybe something even worse. He couldn't be certain what was going on until he made it there though. When he made it to the front door of the inn, there were a few guards guarding the front door to the inn. He was sure that the other door would be guarded as well.
"I'm sorry sir, but I can't allow you to pass." The one guard said.
"Ok then, who will I have to kill to get in?" Evin asked very seriously.
The guards started laughing at him, "Who do you think--"
At that, Evin drew one of his daggers from his sleeves. He grabbed the one guard, putting him in a painful lock using his right hand while kicking the other guards legs from under him. He then pressed the dagger to the neck of the guard on the ground. "I haven't killed anyone for weeks now. It would be a shame if the first person I killed since then was a guard; Wouldn't it?" Evin slipped the dagger back into his sleeve and walked into the inn where a crowd of guards were surrounding a body. Evin simply told them to get out and they scurried around. Crys was still a few paces behind him by the time Evin realised who it was dead on the ground.