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Crys didn't really like when people got too close, for obvious reasons, but she was so numb in that moment it really didn't matter. If there was anything in her mind in that moment, that would be two things: First, her father needed a proper burial, in camp. Second... Someone needed to tell her mother. And no matter how painful it would be, she would rather deliver that information in person. After a while of forcing herself to do something, she finally realized what Evin had said.

"Myths of Medicine... My father has that book." She finally managed to speak. "It would be in his room, my mother..." She went silent for a while. "I can get it for you if you want." She stood up and pulled away from Evin. She needed to keep her mind focused for a while. She took a deep breath. "We have to take the body back to camp. I will do that even if I have to bury my father and come back right afterwards. Also... If my mother has to hear these news... I will deliver them myself."

She sighed and turned to face Evin. "Your eyes work... How do you suppose this went down? Assuming the soldiers didn't mess the place up too much." She crossed her arms, seriously and leaned against the bar. "Don't bother trying to make it seem less unpleasant. I'll know if you lie." She hated asking this, but she needed to know anyway. Anything to catch whoever did this.