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Vilen raised an eyebrow as he heard Dani's news. Well, that was certainly unexpected. However, he had never been inclined to disagree with his leader's judgment, and he sure as hell wasn't about to start now. Clearly the man had some skill, and not only of the physical sort. It must have taken some pretty good persuasion to keep Dani from killing him. Or at least that was Vilen's opinion on it.

Deciding that it didn't really matter, Vilen turned and prepared to get himself out of the center of attention. Obviously it would be in his best interests to lay a little low. He was heading back to his own bunk when he saw a few of the workers trudging in, a bundle that resembled a body shared between them. Automatically Vilen stopped, listening to what everyone was saying. There were many whispers carrying many different names, but judging by the way that Crys looked, it was bad. He longed to step forward and ask his instructor what was going on, but she just continued walking past everyone. He assumed that she would give him the same treatment, and decided that he would just have to wait.

But then, he saw the katana that rested on top of the mound. He recognized it, because he had often found himself admiring it. His eyes opened wide as his mouth dropped open. This was impossible. There was no way that Bastian was dead ... it just couldn't be.

He joined the crowd that had amassed behind Bastian's body, his eyes not leaving his bundled form. Everyone was whispering, everyone was unsettled. Even those who weren't sure that it was him were assuming the worst regardless. The procession stopped at their leaders' house, and then everyone knew what had happened. The body was carried inside, and seconds later, a horrible, blood-curdling scream came from within. The intensity of the pain this scream conveyed was such that Vilen flinched at the sound, and was suddenly overcome by overwhelming sorrow. Things were getting bad. Of course, all of those other murders had been devastating, but this was something else entirely.

In the back of his mind, Vilen couldn't help but think that no one was going to be thinking very much about his transgressions at this time. However, that didn't even offer him any comfort. There was one other thing that occurred to him as well, though, and that was the fact that the lockdown might be lifted sooner than anticipated. He doubted that Dani would let this one go. She would send her best out in full force to find her husband's murderer, and Vilen anticipated this order eagerly. Whoever this was had to be stopped.