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The night was long and rough for the tired man. The last bed he had slept in was in the Inn and that one could not compare to the bed here. He shared the instructor cottage with four other instructors but that didn't bother him at all, as for the others though, well that was a whole other story. The moment he had walked into the cottage they had stared at him for a couple of seconds before they returned to their duties around their beds. He couldn't blame them though, he was known to them as a cold hunter and a emotionless murderer. With time they would surely change their opinions about it but for the moment he was not going to engage them in any conversation. During the night Theron had had several nightmares and it ended with him pulling himself up from his bed and making his way over to the lake lying nearby the camp. It was at this very spot he had discovered Allison for the first them when she had stared into the cold water, probably thinking. He had found her quite interesting since she had shown no signs of anything he had thought about the assassins. Never the less he had looked at her like he looked at any enemy. Now it was different. When he looked at the people around him he only saw allies and good people who were judging him too early but with good reasons too.

He was now sitting in the dinning house, eating a quite large breakfast. He had at least already gained four good friends in the camp; The four cooks Brenda, Greta, Mobir and Fala. They seemed to enjoy his good mood, his courtesy and his large appetite. Even though it was not the kind of friends he had thought he would get the first day there, it was still a good opportunity to learn of others through them. He was half through his breakfast when a guard in-duty strolled into the dinning hall and he were heading straight for Theron. The eating man didn't pay him much attention as he was still very hungry. Then something happened that he had not counted with. The guard bowed before him before speaking.

"Instructor, Crystal wants you to meet her by the training grounds." To which Theron smiled and nodded. Well it was good to see that some people had accepted him after some sleep and deep thinking on the matter. Yet for the moment he just couldn't leave this half-full plate with food for the garbage sack and so he kept on eating.


About one good hour after the guard had told Theron to meet Crystal by the training grounds the instructor arrived to the place of the meeting. From afar he spotted a man and a woman talking. It was of course Crystal speaking with Vilen. Though they ended their conversation before Theron had a chance of hearing what the topic of the conversation had been. Unfortunately, the attention now lied on him as he stopped before the couple.

"Sorry that I'm late though you can't start a day without a full stomach." He said and smiled at both of them. "What was it that you wished of me, Crystal?"