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Crys listened carefully to Theron. When he began to move, she immediately followed, when she passed Ali she laid a hand on he shoulder as to reassure her that everything was fine. A empty gesture, really. She wasn't fine, and Ali knew her long and well enough to know that. She sat down at one of the benches and felt Ali sit next to her, as if to make sure that whatever happened there was over. She couldn't help but find it funny. She had nothing against Evin except maybe his ability to get on her nerves, which she knew could be dangerous. As Theron spoke his rules she started looking back on what had happened back there and realized maybe she had been affected more than she thought. Ali noticed, why didn't she? She turned her attention back to Theron.
She smirked a little at the thought of calling someone 'sir', she had never called anyone that, not even her own father, but if those were the rules, she would follow.

She faced Theron after she heard his question. She had felt the ground move slightly, but dismissed it, she was focused on the question at hand. She didn't want to admit to these things, specially not in front of Evin and Ali, but he asked for honesty, and so she would be honest. "My biggest fears... Right now, there are three: I'm afraid I might lose my mother as well. I'm afraid I won't know how to lead this clan without her, let's face it, I'm not ready yet. Other than that... I'm afraid of how incredibly angry I am right now and how it's clearly affecting my judgement." She made a pause and added, with a small smile. "Sir."
She realized that the sound of that might have come out a little disrespectful, but this wasn't easy for her. If she felt like she had the choice, she would be hiding in her room as well. She would be feeling her pain, just like she always told Ali she should do. There was no other way to get through this, and she wanted to get through it. At this moment, though, she felt she simply couldn't risk being overwhelmed with grief while her clan had no leader. It was not an option.


Ali sat next to Crys, simply because she seemed like the less altered person at the moment, that was rare and she hoped it would last. She listened carefully to Theron's rules and nodded in agreement, aside from calling him sir, they weren't so different from the rules Crys had given her six years ago. She shivered when Theron asked about fears, she didn't like the idea of giving out her greatest fears after agreeing to go through anything he challenged her with. Seemed like a dangerous thought to her. While she thought that through, Crys began to speak.
Ali didn't expect to hear Crys admit to all of that so easily, somehow she felt like she wouldn't be able to do that in a million years. She looked at Theron as if she suddenly hated him for putting her through this. Sitting next to Crys, she knew lying was completely out of the question, she sighed. "My whole family died when my village was burned down, so that makes me not like fire much. I react to it in a way that... It's unpleasant to say the least. I don't react that way because I'm afraid of it. I'm afraid of it, because I react that way." She felt herself shiver and stopped talking. She suddenly heard a whisper next to her "Breathe." She didn't look at Crys because she wasn't sure if the others had heard her also. Her heart rate had increased considerably, she knew Crys would have noticed that. She took a deep breath. "If am to think of what really terrifies me... I'd say I'm afraid I'll have to live with this forever, that I'll never get through it. I'm afraid my anger will take me over, the same as it has before... To sum things up: I scare the hell out of myself most of the time. So, there."

She smiled at Theron, still slightly angry at his question. "Are we allowed to know what your fears are, sir?" That might have sounded disrespectful also, but it would be intentional. Ali felt extremely uncomfortable talking about these things. It took her almost a year to talk to Crys about her family, she didn't trust Theron at all in comparison. So, yes, she felt he had no right to know. No matter how that would make her stronger. Her first thought was to move away from Crys, but she felt she had grabbed her by the shoulder again, so she didn't move. She sighed, calming herself, and muttered looking down at her feet. "Sorry... No complaints."