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The instructor listened carefully and with great interest has all three of them, even though Evin immediately took the liberty to break one of the essential rules Theron had presented, spoke of their fears. From what he heard he understood that Crystal's outside fear was circling around her anger that anyone could easily trigger and her inside fear was that she felt like she was not ready to lead this clan, least lead a people. Not much to work with but Theron already knew that Crystal was more than ready for the task ahead. She just had too see the light in the end of the dark tunnel.

Allison spoke of fire, just like Crystal had mentioned and how she was affected by the sight of it. So her outside fear was Fire for reasons related to her past and her inside fear was how she acted while being in the presence of this great element. Now this was interesting indeed. She had a phobia of a sort and by bringing that fear out of her body would make her strong, very strong and focused. It would be like cutting off an infected part that had been growing larger over the years. She might resist everything he wants her to do for this very reason but once he was done with her she would hopefully be grateful.

Evin was another matter. He spoke of oppression as a fear of his yet he acted solely on passion, pride and the manipulation of others to gain his goal. He acted on the ways of oppression and spoke of it has a fear. In mind Theron would call him a hypocrite but in reality he would call him a blabbering fool, yet this was not the time for nicknames. Evin continued to speak but his words were empty to Theron for he spoke with disrespect which was one of the many things the instructor would fix with this man by the end of this long journey.

The question asked by Allison and reinforced by Evin still hanged in the air, but Theron was going to make something clear for Evin and the rest of the group before he continued this lesson. Rising from his seat, the earth returned to the ground and he positioned himself in front of them.

"I will make one thing clear for you." He began, speaking to everyone before him with a firm voice. "That if you treat me with disrespect, break my rules or leave my sessions before it's done I will make sure that you are either expelled or executed for treason. Because if you deny the chance Dani and Crystal has given to you, the chance I've provided for you then you turn down the chance of helping the entire clan and that is called treason and I don't want to have a disloyal, undisciplined traitor amongst this clan. Is that understood?" He finished, looking over at Evin.

"Evin, once you act like a grown-up, face the reality of this situation and grab this chance I've given you I will treat you as a equal and this I promise you. But as of now you have been warned; one more slip and I will take your case of treason to Dani which I don't think neither of us would like very much."

After ending his long speech, the instructor scanned his so called 'new recruits'. After a small pause Theron answered the question that had been posed by Allison to him.

"My one and only fear is the moment of truth. You see, in every life there will always be a moment of truth and if you pass it you will be forever changed." He said, leaving out what happened if you wouldn't pass it since that was the thing he feared the most. "One can never predict when his or hers moment of truth will arrive but one thing is sure, when it does happen you'll know it for sure. My greatest fear is the scenario where I can't pass the moment of truth and is stuck as my old self." He said and bowed before the people before him. "Today's introduction is over and tomorrow we will begin with the training. But for now grab some food, get some sleep and think over what has been discussed here today. We will begin at dawn tomorrow, don't miss it."

And with that, Theron left his group. He was heading back to the camp. He had a certain friend to speak with before he could get any real sleep.